Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When women start crying, men starts moving onto the left and get possessed.

"In this lifetime, the highest thing is your ascent and your position in the kingdom of God. Especially for ladies, I have to tell you because, you see, reading all these tragic things all over…. It just starts working in the nerves of the ladies. If somebody says the slightest things it becomes like a bombshell .we should first see what harm we do to ourselves. So many women in the west have ruined themselves, but they never cry for that. But there are sensible women I have seen in the East and the West who have a great sense of life, like an elephant is walking and the dogs are barking, so what does it matter?

That majesty comes when inside you have that joy. Nobody can make me unhappy this should be the principle; otherwise you start moving towards the left side. Crying is also another kind of ego expression. When women start crying, men starts moving onto the left and get possessed." So today I want a promise from you all that you're not going to cry at all. Instead of flowers you just give me this flower of promise. I never cry. Of course, sometimes 'Sandra Karuna', "one tear or two tears might come out. After all, I 'm a Mother. "But this doesn't mean sitting, crying and becoming hysterical. Don't read any book, which talks of crying, but book, which are deep, also makes you feel very much touched; if you feel like crying it's all right.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Diwali Puja Synopsis, Cabella, November, 1991,Divine cool Breeze, vol.-IV)

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