Thursday, September 18, 2008

Overcoming the Six Enemies of the Soul

Six enemies of the soul, seen as blockages of the chakras
Lust, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy, vanity.
When these are cleared, we become innocent, imaginative, satisfied, secure, collective, confident and real. A realized individual enjoys pure inner freedom, without psychological bondage. Introspection is necessary. Each chakra is under attack. The awakening of the chakras' power by the Kundalini eliminates these defects.

The First Center: Moladhara Chakra
Lust is a malfunction of the first center.The restoring of the integrity of the moladhara chakra is possible through sahaja yoga meditation practices. Implies a return of innocence.

The Second Center: Swadhistan Chakra
Anger represents a malfunction of the second center.People with well operating swadhistan are imaginative, talented and competent.

The Third Center: Manipur Chakra.
Greed relates to a contraction in the third center.The energy of the being is diverted from inner growth into acquiring external possessions. To have and not to be is the realm of one's identity. If society does not control greed, greed will undermine its foundations because it destroys the collective values, which are indispensable for its long term survival. The manifestation of the qualities of the nabhi chakra include an innate feeling of well being and satisfaction, a condition that makes greed superfluous and irrelevant. The third center grants balance to the personality. The resulting equilibrium between the movements of the lateral channels provides the basis for the capacity to adapt and evolve.

The Fourth Center: Anahata Chakra
Attachment strangles the opening of the fourth center.It curtails the power of the heart to love in a generous and giving way. Attachment is a lower and selfish form of love - it takes instead of giving. It is a cause and consequence for a lack of inner security.

The Fifth Center: Vishuddhi Chakra
Jealously blocks the passage through the fifth center.Jealously prevents the establishment of common purpose and teamwork. It is destructive to the smooth functioning of any human collectivity. A person with an operative vishuddhi chakra is sensitive to the needs of the whole, the interest of the collectivity or the organization of which he is a part.

The Sixth Center: Agnya Chakra
Vanity obstructs the opening of the sixth center.It places appearance above substance. When the agnya clears the brain, the subject is no longer blinded or misled by the projections of his ego or the residue of his conditionings. He is capable of settling into a deeper self-identity, a source of personal strength, confidence and resilience.

These are the enemies of our self-mastery.

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