Monday, September 29, 2008

Shree Mataji on introspection

" We should do a lot of introspection, to find out 'what is wrong with me'...can I sleep on the grass...can I sit on the stone...can I sleep any time, keep awake I seeking the comfort of the my attention on my body or on my spirit...we have to be strict with ourselves, we have to be our own gurus; It is important that Sahaja Yogis have to do introspection...inward..introspection is inward looking...why am I thinking...what am I thinking...what is the need to will become...Nirvichara; It is very important to do so as to overcome to two hurdles of Agnya; What is wrong with my comes from the surroundings...and the ideas that others have been putting into our heads-what, matters, is what 'I' think, not what others think.

Now don't condemn yourself if you have some defects...there have to are human beings...but all these defects with your power of spirituality, you can overcome. For that what have you to do...first is introspection...trying to find out. You separate yourself with your spirit...and say...'hello Mr. are you'...start with that...'hello...what are you up to'...and you start seeing yourself outside...and eradicating, removing all that is not yourself.

The fear comes, that I will be putting up my ego- that if we assert something or the other as right, then we will be putting up our ego; Know that you are a realised soul, start respecting yourself, and you will not fall into the trap of ego...'how can I behave like this'. Then a kind of dignity develops, and we feel shy of doing something stupid; we must develop a complete attention towards our weakness, and not towards our achievements.

If you are hot tempered, alright go ahead and beat yourself with shoes ... but if you are not, then you need not... you must know what you are... first of all introspect... then accordingly you should work it out; Without introspection you will not know... you will never remember what you have done wrong, nor will you think of what you have to do right... but that is only possible... if you go on improving yourself.

For your ascent, it is necessary that you should introspect... try to find out what you have been doing. Are you an absolutely humble person... do you do whatever is told to you...are you a fussy you worry about time... are you a detached person... are you bound by one of the ganas, left or right... or are you all the time like a pendulum moving from left to right. Right to left... do you worry about what food you should eat, when you should eat, or whom you should please?

In the light of spirit you can see how you are doing wrong. The spirit is like a mirror, where you can see yourself clearly and stare changing yourself... and then... there's no introspection needed. When you have your spirit awakened, you can watch yourself... you can see for yourself, clearly, as soon as you become a developed or evolved Sahaja Yogi... and that's one point one should see... if it has happened to you. If you can see something wrong with you.. If you can find out what sort of defects you have... of you can detach yourself from those defects. And if you can understand that all these attachments and defects, and if you can understand and defects and habits are pulling you down - then you can leave them... but that only happens when you have this mirror of yourself shining through.

Your own development, your own connection, your own position in Sahaja Yoga will say what you are... whatever others may say doesn't matter... what you say about yourself, truly, truthfully is the reality, and you must face yourself all the time."

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Taken from Sahaja Vidya

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