Wednesday, September 10, 2008

there is the Seat of the Sadashiva, the Pitha. The Pitha is here at Sahasrara, but Sadashiva is in the Heart, reflected as Atma

“First question is about what are these Vibrations? I told you yesterday, that in our heart, there is a flicker of light, which is burning all the time; which is Atma; which is the reflection of Paramatma in our heart. In short I will tell you. What happens when the Kundalini rises. She opens the Brahmarandhra. And there is the Seat of the Sadashiva, the Pitha. The Pitha is here at Sahasrara, but Sadashiva is in the Heart, reflected as Atma. Pitha is created because it receives the subtle energy which is All Pervading. The Gross. Inside the All Pervading. e.g. this mike collects my voice. Voice is a subtle energy, which is collected through this, and if you have a radio it will catch them.

In the same way Pithas are in the brain, and Pitha of Sadashiva is higher up here, which is opened out, so that the Subtle, the Sukshama, the gross passes into our heart, through a very Subtle channel. Just like a gas-light, it has a flicker. And when the gas opens out the Prakash occurs. Now the Vibrations are that Prakash going through us. These Vibrations start flowing through us. Now what do I do? You will say 'Mataji what do you do?' I do nothing but I just try to give you that force, which is the, you can say, gas power. That is the gas power. Because the Kundalini knows when I am before you. She rises, She opens out, and It starts flowing. It is flowing through Me through out. But unless you are subtle, you cannot feel can say, that I am the Finite in the infinite. Or you can say the Infinite in the finite. I am both. So the energy that is emitted into all the subtle energy is passing through Me. Is the Virat. From the Virata, the whole thing is passing. It is going into the All Pervading. It is all Pervading. Everybody, everywhere it is going. Even it is in a cell, in a Carbon atom it is there, in all atoms it is there. It is the Subtle Energy. That is emitted through Me. When you become subtle, you become like a radio, you start receiving it. Now how will you know what is correct and what is incorrect? You ask the subtle, and the subtle answers you, and you get the answers on your hand. It is like this. So these are the Vibrations, which you receive, from the All Pervading power. And the All Pervading Power is emitted out, and you receive it from Me of the All-Pervading. It is just the same, from everywhere. These are the Vibrations.

The Self-Realisation, which is the very subtle point, you try to understand now. That it is so far an unconscious for you. Your Atma is in the unconscious it is not in the Awareness. It is in the Achetan. It is in your unconscious. You are not yet aware about it. But once you are Realised,it starts flowing into your awareness, means that you start feeling into Your Central Nervous System, because your nervous system is your Chetana. Is your awareness. Human awareness is nothing else but the Central Nervous System. But this Central Nervous System starts feeling now, the Vibrations, the Light of the Atma through it. So that it tells us why it is known as Samadhi. Samadhi means the Unconscious. When the Unconscious becomes the Conscious it is called the Samadhi.”…
( 22nd March 1977 At Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, India)

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