Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who Controls the energy in the matters?

" Think that in the molecule of a substance there is an energy which is acting. One may say why is there energy in matter? If there was no energy in the matter how can you have all chemical compounds .Who pushes them? Say sodium chloride. Sodium and chloride are attached to each other. But if the chloride has to go to some other atom then who does that. There has to be some energy, which is in built into matter. We know water has energy, that's how we have hydrostatics even stones, gold all of them have got energy in themselves. It is all controlled by the principle of Shri Ganesha. Though such a tiny little child how great is his work and how much He has to work out. From matter one moves to living plants, then to animals, then to human beings and everywhere His energy works. At the level of matter we might call it electro- magnetic, potentially it is the energy of Shri Ganesha which is electro magnetic at that point. When it starts evolving growing, that's how we have different strata of energies that we see in different growth of evolution."

(Shri Ganesh Puja , Cabella , Italy, 19.09.1993)

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