Thursday, September 25, 2008

They are innocent

Now if you see the stones, they are innocent. If you hit the stone you'll get the hit otherwise it doesn't come up and hit you. They are innocent. If you see the rivers, they are innocent. Everything that has been created as matter is innocent. It is not cunning, it is not manipulative, it is not aggressive, nothing of the kind. They are innocent means they are under the complete order of God Almighty. They do not have their own free will to do what they like. Whatever is done is with the absolutely under complete command of God Almighty. And so they are, we can say they are innocent because they have no free will to do what they like.

So then if you see to animals also, they also are innocent, except for very few most of them are innocent. Innocent in the sense that they are called as pashu means they are completely under the control of Pasha of God Almighty. A tiger will behave like a tiger and a snake will behave like a snake but in human beings somebody will behave like a tiger, tomorrow like a snake and third day like a worm. There's no steadiness. Or this you cannot say that this gentleman is today tiger so tomorrow he will not be a snake, they have no free will to change their individuality. They are left alone.

So that is not the job of the Shakti to bother. That's already been created, they are there and they are existing, they have a purpose that's why they are there. And the purpose is only one, is to support human beings because you are at the epitome of evolution.

So she has created all this things just for you to be created and ultimately to get your Self Realisation, to have meaning to your life, to get connected to this all pervading power, to enter into the Kingdom of God. All is her work.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Navaratri Puja, Cabella Di Ligure,
27th September 1992

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