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"After crossing the sixth centre of Agnya Chakra, the attention of the pupils (Sahaja Yogis) enters the limbic area known as Sahasrara. When this area is pierced through the top of the head (Brahamarandra) the post graduation degree is also bestowed upon the student by Shri Ganesha. This is self realisation. The entrance into the unconscious mind the higher degrees also have to be certified by Shri Ganesha. Though the post graduation is granted by the Adi Shakti the Primordial Mother herself, Shri Ganesha has to bless the pupil. On top of the human personality is the seat of Sadashiva, on his lap sits the great adorable child Shri Ganesha as He is always surrendered at the most coveted place of His parents feet. Above the seat of Sadashiva on the head of Shiva he forms the crescent moon as Ardha Bindu, from its cup the Pranava falls down on all sides. At the stage of Bindu (Point) He become absolutely subtle, that He enters inside the point which has no length or breadth as the total density of the concentrated awareness itself. Lastly he is the circular line that limits the Adi Shakti's power as Valaya or complete state (Poorna Stithi)".

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