Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When ego surrounds the heart, the brain is cut off from the heart.

The balloon on top that you see yellow is ego. Swadisthana Chakra, which is for our creativity, is directly connected to ego. When it starts rotating round the void and going to various parts of the void it collects all the problem of the void. Void is that green circle within us. In the void, we have Uterus, Kidney, all the Intestine, Liver (mostly upper part of the liver) ascending Transverse, descending Coils, Pancreas and the Spleen. So all the problems of these organs are collected by this Chakra, which moves round, and round and collect and come out of the Nabhi Chakra. It nourishes, gives power, the vital power to these organs. It also generates the necessary power for our creative action, it also collect the Fat Cells of the void and convert into the proper cells for the brain for the gray matter. All this work has to be done by this one Chakra. It manifests the Optic Plexus, outside on the physical level. It has got six sub plexus, which look after these organs. This is meant for our action. When we go into action these Chakras start moving. By the first power, which is on the left side, we desire and by second, we go into action and when the action starts with us, it produces the bi-products or we can say all the problems of the organs and these are to be disposed some where and they are deposited in the brain. All the problems that we have of these organs out of this creativity or any action are to be counter balanced, the ego develops. Any activity is exertion, botheration, problems, we take up the challenges. Because we do action, we have to have satisfaction. As a result, ego develops. The more we rationalize our activity, the more ego develops. We get identified with our ego, supposing you have made a very good poetry then you like to be appreciated. When you create some art, art could not give you satisfaction. You develop ego and ego has to be satisfied others should say, you are very good, you are genius.

The more you indulge in planning the more you get ego. The more you pump, the balloon goes on.
It is very easy to fool a ego oriented man. A simple hearted man cannot be easily fooled. Ego means mis- appreciation, ego is never satisfied.

Actually what happens physically, that when the balloon spreads on your head all over, the aura of the brain surrounds the heart normally, but when there is ego problem, the ego surrounds the heart, the brain is cut off from the heart, so you are non-integrated person. Your heart runs other side your brain runs another side. Your body runs third side and your emotion runs fourth side.

Four people running four horses. It is impossible to stand on two stools but to stand on four stools. One should have very big legs. Ego is very dangerous for Kundalini awakening.

You are much higher than ego, much greater than ego, much more than ego. What people have received from ego ? - Nothing. With ego, at the most what you can get. Imagine the whole of the head is covered with yellow stuff and the blue thing becomes very small. Then, first your desire is diminished. You do not desire anything, your ego desires. No combination of thinking and your heart. You do not seek anything from your heart. Activity of heart has become practically nil.

Anything that doesn’t satisfy your ego you get upset about it. One must go on saying that you are unique personality. (One must praise you) You cannot get joy because joy comes from your heart, joy, you can get only from your heart. With ego orientation, you can get many diseases like Arthritis, Kidney failure, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack. Because of over activity, Lever is neglected. Because of too much thinking, you may get Paralysis.

You get misidentified and condemn others, sometimes they feel very depressed. You are not seeking from your heart. You are seeking from your brain. You do not desire. Your ego desires, ego cuts you out from your heart and leaves you nowhere.

You are much higher than ego. What people have achieved through ego! If God has given you some knowledge of the unknown, one should not be pampered by it. He has graciously given you. Take that with humility.

You detest your ego, make a fan of yourself. See in front of the mirror and say "alright Mr Ego ! " and make a fun of yourself, your ego will go down.

Raise the left, and down the right, then there is a gap, then you raise the kundalini. This is Shri Vidya of the Holy Spirit.
Sahaja yoga is the only way through which we can face ego.
You have no time to judge others. Just see yourself. Face it that you do not do anything, every thing is done by God. He is the doer and he is the enjoyer.
You become one with god. The power of god is passing through you. If the doer is lost then who is going to do Karmas. (Then there is no Paap and Punya i.e. sin & good deeds).
When Mr. Ego has gone, all liabilities have gone with him. Your mouth does not say that I am eating and your hand does not say that I am working. When you become one, then you see the whole is working and we as part are working. Then all the responsibilities are finished. If you do not do anything and work, but you desire, then the blue stuff is more with super ego, you get physical problems, you get mental problems, you go on thinking and you go on arguing. So you should be in center. Watch your ego and super ego. You should not expect any thing from others. With Ego, you expect from others, with Super-Ego, you do for others… In center, you emit yourself Joy… love.
(Shri Mataji, Nirmala Devi)

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