Monday, November 17, 2008

Sahaja Yoga is the only way to save the world in Kaliyuga

Sahaja Yogis,
Received your cable on the eve of Guru Purnima. The sentiments, which you have expressed in very beautiful words have gone to heart. On the occasion of Guru Purnima day celebrations in London, I have explained what is self realisation and whether you have got it or not. I will send the tape recording of this speech with some one instead of sending it by post.

I suggested, in my earlier letters, to think of "Atma tatwa". Because you are "Atma Swaroop", your mind, intellect and ego, should be enlightened by the "atma jyoti". The light of wisdom shines in the intellect only when Atma-jyoti illumines in its fullness. Then, mind emits fragrance of love and ego does great and noble works, the whole of your inner being is fully enlightened. You should be able to rely on the Atma tatwa, accommodate others in it, but first stabilize it.

Many of the Sahaja Yogis have cured a number of diseases. They have immense love for me and others. These people could do all this because they have become experts owning to their "Poorva-Sampada". However, there are many intellectuals among us who have not been able to go very far on the strength of their knowledge or wisdom. Sahaja Yoga is lacking in books. We will have to write books in each language. Also, Sahaja Yogis should go to different cities and give lectures. Many people send their poems to me. We should collect all these. Similarly my letters can also be printed. Such publicity is necessary. Let it be known all over the world that Sahaja Yoga is the only way to save the world in Kaliyuga. I am writing a book but it is not useful to all at the present. All should think on what I have suggested. every centre may also be accordingly advised.

Many blessings from Mother to all Sahaja Yogis.
Always remembering you
Your mother NIRMALA

( LETTER OF SHRI MATAJI - London 11th July 1980)

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Soldier of Adishakti Maa said...

It is certainly the only way to save the world in this 'ghor Kaliyuga' ..

Jai Shri Mataji!

Our Divine Mother..!