Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Significance of a Pure Heart in a Sahaja Yogi

The third point now. As I told you, first collectivity, secondly your responsibility and third point is purity.

Purity of your own heart, first of all. Of your own heart; without insincerity or cunningness... Clean heart, Transparent. Open heart. Trust others. Talk to everyone with an open heart. Trust others.
Why do you doubt? If you do not doubt yourself you will not doubt others. What are they going to take away from you? What have you got? Nobody can take away your nose, eyes, nothing. It's all quite intact. It's all nicely glued down so nothing is going to disappear. How are they going to hurt a person who is a realised soul?

If your heart is clean you can see the other person clearly through and through. Innocence is such a powerful thing. Such a powerful thing that even a glance is sufficient to kill a satan. Purity of heart. Actually, when the heart becomes impure the impurity flows down to other places. It is not the other way around. It is from the heart. Many people believe it's the body that becomes impure. I think it is the heart which becomes impure and then it starts trickling down and then it is residual there. It settles down there.

So have a clean open heart like a child's heart. Open heart. What is there to be afraid of anyone? What is there not to trust anyone? What is there to be angry with anyone? Talk to everyone, shake hands with everyone, be nice to everyone. On the way you find somebody with difficulty. Give him a hand. If someone cannot sit properly or has a problem you try to remove the problem. If someone cannot stand, give the place. Try to give from your clean heart. If your heart is not clean it can never give.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(02.08.1981, UK)

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