Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leela - The Poem

Today,got to see a beautiful play,
A Drama by a divine in her ‘Maya ‘ way.

Crowd of statues were standing on the stage.
No emotions,no sensation with their spirit in the cage.

But what the luck they had indeed
An energy became an angel for them in need

She landed on the stage and touched one of the statue
And for his wonder,gotta experience a life that;s new

He was then able to touch and feel
Joyous so much to live life with zeal

He learned to smile,then he learned to share,
Without discrimination,he learned to care

Then the angel gave him a miraculous plant
And ask to water it daily without any, ” Can’t”

Proper care and nourishment as long as it’ll gain
Will prevent him to become the statue again

And also blessed him with full powers of her
Even with his touch now, realisaton could occur

He waters the plant daily and the real magic begins
Whatever he does in thoughtlessness he always wins.

And when the negativity pushes him back and not let him won,
She ask to the angel and see how things get done

He started giving the plants to each and every statue
And ask them to have this experience new

Some find it unreal and some are keen
For the conversion from Statue to the living being

Gradually, masses of seekers got into transformation
Blessed with this ultimate truth of self realization

Some saints took proper care of their subtle system plant
While some got into the words like ,"I really want but sometimes can't"

The Angel kept on saying to follow protocol
Time is short,do not again fall

If you serve your plant with care today,
Tommorrow it'll become a tree with the shadow on the way

Gradually saint's plant were seen growing into tree
The whole world was covering with this beautiful greenery

Then on stage ,the statues and the living being
came across a predefine transformation scene

The conversion of Kal yuga to Satya yuga took place
We were the witness of this changing phase

Heavy storm came ,and the chaos in the stage
The gale took away everything of this age

The statues with their dry plant disappeared suddenly
And the saints were taken under care by their respective tree.

Remembering to thank the angel of that play 
Who saved all the saints through her ‘Maya’ way

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