Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poem, "When I was born again...."

First time when I saw Mother's photograph
A deep sense of stillness was felt,
Slowly absorbing the power of divine love.
When her loving eyes was making my heart melt.

What is this happening to me
Where my thoughts are going
How I am feeling so joyous without reason
From where the cool breeze blowing.

To my wonder, I was experiencing
The conversation in absolute silence
An immediate reply in vibrations
to all my questions of without fence.

I immediately took pen n paper
and to my words ,threw some light
O' Wonder again, I wrote a poetry
which I couldn’t but always wanted to write.

Is it a dreamt or a magic going on
How come, world seems to be peaceful and bright
Something ,like fairy tale s was that
or it is so called “The absolute truth light ”

Today,it is almost seven years,I got my realisation,
Smiling I am looking back to my first experience of rebirth
A bottomless vase of love and joy ,I got that day ,purposely
To enjoy and spread the glory of our mother on this earth.

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Our Divine Mother..!