Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Power of Enlightenment

Sahasrara is your awareness; when it is enlightened you get into the techniques of the Divine. Now there are two techniques, the techniques of the Divine, and the techniques you follow.

You cannot act as the Divine, but you can use the Divine power to man oeuvre it. For example, the Divine looks after all the Universal happenings. Every minutest particle is controlled by the Divine.

When your Sahasrara opens out, and your Kundalini touches the fontanelle bone, a sort of lightening force is ready in your Sahasrara; and as soon as the fontanelle bone area opens up in the Sahasrara, the grace of the spirit ignites that igniting force and your nadis (channels) get enlightened. Not all of them, but quite a lot of them; not all the length, but quite the peripheries. That is how you get your enlightenment.

So many things happen because of your seven centres being in the Sahasrara, with the light you see their relative positions. I mean your mind, your conscious mind feels that integration within you. The rationality that is separated from the heart becomes one with the heart. It becomes one with your attention. Wherever your attention goes you act in a collective way.

All the activities in your attention are blessed. Your attention itself is effective. Your attention is very important, your desires are even more important because it is such an integrated thing, your desires and your attention becomes one. Whatever is good for the spirit, you desire.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(May 5, 1982, France)

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