Saturday, December 6, 2008

Raja Lakshmi and Gruha Lakshmi

Right side is the Raja Lakshmi… I would say once this Raja Lakshmi business comes up then you will understand the respect, because once you respect yourself you start respecting others also. And that you are all saints, you have to respect each other in the same way.

And today now the light, light is there. Light is a very important thing. From the very beginning, you see, when man discovered the fire, the fire was used in the Gruha Lakshmi state where the fire cooked the food, and you see the warmth of the Mother was shown through that heat she used in the house to warm up her children, to give them food and all that. Then it became, say, a very collective thing, it is expressed as light, you see. If you have to celebrate say your Republic day or your Independence Day we put the lights on, or we have fireworks. You see to express ourselves that way is in the Raja Lakshmi.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Diwali Puja – November 1981

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