Monday, February 23, 2009

Kartikeya is the one who commands innocence, gives you a power of that commandment

Kartikeya represents the great, we can say the captain or the leader of all the Ganas, of all the, like a commander (in chief). Ganesha is the King, but he's the commander (in chief) and because German character is to be in command of everything.

We are going to have this pooja where the men will be in command of their spirits and their manly qualities and women will be in command of their womanly qualities. To be in command is different from to be a master. Master owns it, a commander does not own it, he does not own it.

That is also lost, possession is also lost. You just command it and that is the state we have to come to now. From Ganesha state to the state of Kartikeya. The other way round.

Ganesha is nice, he's the king, very nicely sitting down with all the powers, allright, innocence is there. But Kartikeya is the one who commands innocence, gives you a power of that commandment.He commands. After the Guru Pooja it is better that we should have the power to command others, and that commanding spirit comes in the men through their talking, through their dynamism, through their personal achievements.

For the women, through their loving power, through their forbearance, through their gracious behaviour, forgiveness, compassion. So let us develop that today, that we can command it, means, it is not that what we have, but in the position we are to command. I hope you understand, what is Kartikeya.

May God bless you! So let us start the Pooja

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Kartikeya Puja
Holzkirchen, Germany, 13.7.1986

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