Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don’t get upset, excited, nothing just laugh at it

So one should not worry as to what people react, what they say about you, what they think about you. You should just introspect and see for yourself. After some time, you don’t need even introspection.

It is a kind of state I am talking about, where Shri Krishna told Arjuna that: “I will not fight, so in between Me and My army, you have to select.” So Kaurava said: “We’ll take your army, you give us your army and we’ll strengthen our army.” But Arjuna said, “ I don’t want army, I want you, you don’t want to fight, it’s all right.” Because though He will be there in a witness state only, He won’t be fighting, but His power will act. He doesn’t have to fight, He doesn’t have to do anything, but His own power, which is outwardly silent, but will act and that is how we will win the war.

So this power of witnessing, you all should develop. Try to develop it, that when you are reacting, stop reaction, about everything.

You’ll be amazed, you will find yourself a very very powerful person, in the sense you’ll have no ambitions, you’ll have no desires, you’ll have no special fondness or anything. But just you’ll be witnessing the drama. It’s very interesting to witness also, because then you understand the humor behind everything, you understand the stupidity behind everything. You understand also how people have been so violent and you just laugh at it.

Don’t get upset, excited, nothing just laugh at it. After some time, you’ll be amazed, your witness state will increase and when in the collective all of you have that witness state, you can do wonders without doing anything, without saying anything, without acting. Only your presence itself can work it out. I don’t say that it will have effect on every one, no I can’t say, but most of the people. Any person who is in that state, he is the one who brings peace, he brings joy.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Krishna Puja, 16th August 1998, Cabella

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