Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Witness state is not a mental state, it is a state of a spiritual ascent

There is no fear at all, once you learn how to have the state of witnessing. Because when you are not witnessing you get disturbed, you get upset, you get excited, you may join also these wrong type of people. But if you are in a state of witnessing, that itself is a power. And that witnessing state helps you to win over so many difficulties of other people.

There is a Chinese story about a saint. So one king bought his cock to him and said: “You train my cock in such a way that he should win.” He said: “Alright.” So he kept the cock of the king for one month and when the show started, different cocks came from different places and the all started fighting. This cock just stood up and was watching, just watching. And other cocks got such a fright. They couldn’t understand how this fellow is not disturbed, he’s just watching, he’s standing, he’s doing nothing. So they all disappear from the arena and he was declared as the successful one.

So this is the best way to bring non-violence. In violent places you go and stand steadily there, facing all the things that are happening and that witness state acts and stop that kind of violence that is going on.

But witness state is not a mental state, it is a state of a spiritual ascent where you become a witness. The best way to practice witness state is not to criticise anyone, not to criticise. I’ve seen people who are all the time criticising others. They cannot criticise themselves, so they start criticising others, so much so that they don’t even see what’s wrong with them. They don’t even see what wrong they have done to others, because they think they have a right to criticise others and they enjoy this criticism very much.

Actually there’s nothing to be criticised. You just watch and see for yourself, that’s all, is your right. You have no right to criticise anyone or anything. But some people think that if you do not criticise, then it will go on like this and it will never stop. It’s not that. Once you watch the thing yourself, only just watch. Your attention itself is enlightened now. With that enlightened attention, you can just watch and stop the nonsense that is there. But we are always conscious that we are something great and we have to do this and we have to do that. Under these circumstances what happen is that you become another problem. Because what can you do? You can’t do anything. But what you can do is to watch.

By watching and by just seeing things as they are, you really develop a very different state.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Krishna Puja, 16th August 1998, Cabella

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