Monday, July 20, 2009

It is we who forget to leave all the problems to Her

You want Mahakali to protect you. In your discrimination, in your mistake, you might do something wrong, may do something that is not good for you. It could be very dangerous for you. But She’s the person who guides you how to avoid all the dangers. Now She protects your life. She protects your body. She protects all the organs of your body. She’s the one who gives you all the security of life. In Her realm you feel completely secure.

You are never afraid of anything……. If you are under Her beautiful guidance and Her blessings, you will never feel afraid to do anything. You’ll never do anything wrong also. As soon as you’ll try to do wrong She’ll hold your hand. She’ll really the guiding person. She’s the one who actually gives us our existence. Without Her we cannot exist because She is the one who is the power of Shri Shiva…… She’s the one who relaxes you because She takes over all your responsibilities. She takes over all your problems. She’s the one who solves all the problems. It is we who forget to leave all the problems to Her.

If you just leave problems to Her, all your problems are solved. Not only that, but you really feel blessed. It’s not only physical. Also it is mental that She makes your mind absolutely free of worries. She doesn’t worry and She doesn’t want you to worry. If you worry, the She tries to show that, by your worrying, you are denying Her, you are not accepting Her. Worrying is something that is very common and people take great pride in saying,” Oh, I was worried.”

How can you be worried when your Mother is Sakshat Mahakali? She can kill all the demons. She can finish all of them. She knows how to manage things and, when you are like a child before Her, how can you worry about it? So your worries are finished. She worries about you. You shouldn’t worry about yourself. That’s the point of it. Her security is so great, She’s so secure Herself that She gives you all the security that you need.

You can hold on to Her Feet. You can hold on to Her image or to anything. You can even pray to Her. Many people are being cured only by praying to Her because She cures you…. The main thing is that we are ourselves worshipping Her. She like that all Her children should worship Her, that on that level She can be one with them. She can give them Her compassion, love and protection from all the evil.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Navaratri Puja 1999

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