Friday, July 17, 2009

So one must learn to love and not to rationalize

“This is what you must know to enjoy your virtues, enjoy your love and you will be rewarded by it.

It is not hard, it is the easiest thing. Supposing you love someone, supposing, I mean it is a big supposition for many but supposing you really, genuinely love someone, think like that, I mean in imagination you can think of someone, now that person is going to meet you, say, you have to go to meet that person and there are lots of [awards ?], you cannot get a taxi, you can not get a train, you are worried. Now how to get to that person now. He would be waiting. He would be worried or she would be waiting. Now what must be happening to them. You are all the time thinking and you are worried and you don’t know what to do? Should we walk then you walk a little distance and you come back, no might get a train, let’s try this. You try all kinds of things, you see, just to reach that person and then it’s raining, don’t have an umbrella. You get completely drenched. Absolutely flat out, tired but still the moment you meet the person, see the person, all worries and all the turmoils, all the troubles and all the labour that you have put in vanishes into thin air and the joy fills your life completely. How love is rewarding!

So one must learn to love and not to rationalize. There is a big scope in Sahaja Yoga to rationalize because you become even a freer person. You really become free. I mean after Sahaja Yog if you want to go to hell you can go faster than anybody else can because you really become a free bird and if you want to go to heaven you can do the same. So one has to know that we have to learn to compete in loving each other.

We have some very beautiful Sahaja Yogis here, very beautiful and they have said sometimes such beautiful things about others that I sometimes in My vacant mood think of them and I feel very happy. It’s just like poetry, to say something good about others, sometimes I have to go and then somebody says good words about others I feel very happy.

Without love we are not going to solve any problems whatsoever. What’s the use of having, say even 10,000 people with vibrations flowing without love among them? I mean, I just can’t think of such a thing. Once you are realized you should feel love but you must fathom it because of your rational habits because of this misidentifications before, you cannot give it up. You see you are afraid, people even afraid to express their love.

Somebody brought some sweets one day I said, “For whom?” He said, “For Sahaja Yogis.” I said, “Why do you giving Me?” He said, “Mother if you give it would be better otherwise they may little bit doubt me.”

Sometimes we want to love, we want to express but we are afraid that people will misunderstand, imagine, where are we? What sort of human beings we have become that we are afraid to express our love. Then the recipients also they do not want to have any love, how can that be? It’s impossible.

Every human being wants to be loved. They will be afraid today, tomorrow, day after they will be all right”

(H.H.Shri Mataji, Caxton Hall, London , UK , 08. 03.1980)

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