Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thy will be done

The attention can be concentrated now, after Realization only. But even realized souls have to work it out. This is the biggest problem that I think I see, that our attention is so distributed we cannot do anything in a concentrated manner. That’s why there is guru shopping also going on. We also cannot do our Sahaja Yoga in a concentrated manner….. It becomes mobile, spread all over. It doesn’t reach any depth or height either. If you put them together, then it will work out…..

So to clear the attention, clear this garbage into that clear cut, beautiful lakes, you have to go within. You have to allow it to sediment. You have to take pride. By it’s own nature it will come, the beauty. And then you will see a ripple in that lake within you, a peaceful space in which you will see the bliss of God flowing into you, through you, you observing it and seeing it manifesting into the other. That is what needs to be asked for. No mental activity can do that. It is only the desire to be that works it. Only the desire to be one with God works it. Mental activity, rationality saps it. Through rationality, you cannot reach God……

It is said, “Those who will be blessed have to humble down in their heart.” It is very true. It is very, very true that we have to humble down in our hearts, so that it will work. And keep your attention steady.

Is it too much that I’m asking? You started with a very humble heart as a child. Only in this life all this has been accumulated a bit too much. In past life you were not like that-much better off. Only in this lifetime you have crossed the limit a little bit. It’s not difficult to recede.

So just try to humble down in your heart and it will work out. Every time you get your touching of the kundalini or, you can say, the breakthrough, every time you get that experience, keep it in your memory and desire for it and it will work out. Do not keep in memory the faults that you have had, where you have been.

When you climb up on top of a hill or a mountain, you don’t remember all the ditches you have fallen into in your childhood. You enjoy the atmosphere on the hilltop. Make it a strong memory within you and try to keep it there. I know for some people it’s difficult. They came down, again go up. Because of the problems they’ve had before, the kundalini comes down. But in Sahaja Yoga, there is all arrangement. But if the desire is strong- not the mental activity, but the desire- it will work out. And that’s why I told you why it is to be, “Thy will be done.”

Accept it from the very beginning. This is the basis of how you are going to rise.

H.H.Shri Mataji

26th June 1978 Caxton Hall

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