Thursday, July 16, 2009

You are transmitters of these waves of love

Everywhere you are sitting in meditation you are transmitting vibrations. Do you know that? At that time if you are thinking of your jobs and your other things which you have been thinking before, the transmission is poorer.

Think of love.
Think of the whole country.
Think of the whole world at that time.

You are transmitters of these waves of love and love will flow from you.

I told you once that you are made in the form of Ganesha. And that’s what you have to do. You know there are vibrations from you coming out. You are sending vibrations out. You know that. That means you are like any deity who is thrown out of the Earth’s womb, and a big temple is raised and thousands of people go to worship that. And they say it is a temple, of a Jagrut Devta…., “Jagrut” means enlightened, awakened. And that’s just a stone- a stone that comes out and people build a temple on top of that and go there and worship that, while there are so many already sitting here, so many jagrut, realized souls.

These are living. These are moving, these are understanding. They manoeuvre. The stones only emit vibrations to clear the atmosphere. But you- you can raise the Kundalini. They cannot raise the Kundalini. You can.And what are you doing about it? Such a precious thing you have got. What are you doing about it? Is it because there is no business with it, that we are taking it so slowly? Supposing it’s an enterprise, then everybody would be up and doing. Is it? We have to change our ways and methods of understanding.

The reward of God is thousand-fold than any enterprise can bestow upon you. When He blesses you, you wouldn’t even have words to thank Him. To that extent He goes.

Are we depending on Him or on our own old ways? We have to change very much. We have to transform ourself into new style of thinking. It is very, very important.

I hope you’ll think about it, what I have talked to you today. Don’t take to a life which has not brought any happiness to you.

H.H.Shri Mataji
15th October 1979 Caxton Hall

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