Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Only one thing God cannot do

God has His own powers. He has His own machinery. He has His own government, He has everything. It’s dynamic.

You can’t imagine how many dimensions He can work it out. Just you have to put it in the mouth of that machinery. If you can do it you get the results easily. Only one thing God can not do that is to make you sensible, to make you wise, that’s one thing that’s your look out, that’s in your own choice because you are guided by your ego.

You are identified with your ego and anything I say may upset you, or may appeal to you. God knows how you are going to react. But only way you can grow is to be in the center to see, not to go to extremes of anything, to be in the center, even listening to Me try to be in the center.

But human beings are funny as I told you, you see, they must go to extremes. You give them any job they must go to the extremes. Anything you give them they cannot keep to the centre, they can never keep the balance now, see this one if it couldn’t be balanced how can I speak on that, I mean in day to day life we never sit without a balance, on a chair, do we?

Do we sit on one side all the time? Or do we drive our car one side decline like that, do we do anything that is under imbalance, say for example, this lights see how they are well balanced. It has to be in balance everything but in our behaviour towards God we are very much imbalanced”:

(H.H.Shri Mataji, Caxton Hall, London , UK , 08. 03.1980)

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