Monday, July 13, 2009

There are only two problems

People who are mediocre think that gradually they’ll be all right and that they’ll come up. But I would suggest that you should make an all-out effort to become strong Sahaja Yogis. To become strong Sahaja Yogis is not difficult because you have all the powers within yourselves. You have the kundalini within yourselves and you know the way- how to become a realized soul.

The problems are of you being dragged into your ego or into conditioning- only two problems, not more. Like somebody asked,"How many turns are there in London?”. Only two: left or right. So either you go to the left or to the right. All the permutations and combinations of this left and right starts working and then you get into trouble. And then you get into problems. But actually it is a very simple thing. To get out of your ego should be the simplest and that is where you try to understand yourself. You see yourself. How you are reacting? Where is your attention? What are you doing? What is your attitude towards Sahaja Yoga?

So many people think that”this is my house, this is my family, this is my car, this my horse, this my dog.” I don’t know how far it goes- “my, my, my, my, my.” But nothing is yours…. As Kabira has said it, that “some cheat” –that is the death – “will come and take away everything that is not yours.” Then “my family,” then “my children”- all this is a nonsense. And so, when you start getting attached to this word “my,” there is where you fail completely into your own understanding of your ego, you’re completely blinded by this ego.

First of all, you should say that “nothing is mine.” Kabira has said that when the goat is living she goes on saying “Maie, maie, maie.” It means “I, I, I, I” in the Hindi language. He made a pun on the word “maie.” And when she dies and her intestines are taken out and are made into something that spins the cotton, they go on the street, these people, telling people they are around. They go on playing on that string which is made from the intestines of these goats which says, “Toohee, toohee, toohee,” meaning “you are, you are, you are.”

So one neeed not be like a goat, that until you leave you go on saying “I, I, maie, maie, maie,” when you die, then your intestines have to be taken out and put on that thing just to make the sound “toohee, toohee toohee.”

So this sound of “I, I, I” is made only by egoistical human beings, but this ego is so much identified with you that you think that “I am this ego and this ego is me.”And in that ego, you start doing all kinds of nonsensical things. This ego takes you nowhere. It takes you nowhere but into a complete mire of ignorance about yourself. Ultimately, you become stupid. Others can tell you that you are stupid or you become idiotic or get a bad name and everybody knows that you are doing all wrong things, but nobody dare tell you because you are to be reached with a barge pole. Such a hot – tempered personality you become that nobody dare come to you and say that is wrong, it should not be done, it’s all stupid, idiotic. And you, yourself, in that idiocy and stupidity think no end of yourself. This is the extreme of your ego.

H.H. Shri Mataji
19th December 1987 Aurangabad

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