Thursday, October 15, 2009

when we meditate we go into Thoughtless Awareness

First to get Self-Realisation and then to be aware of your position. Then you’ll be surprised how you develop proper attention and proper understanding.

Absolutely, it is an easy thing to do as soon as you find that you have achieved that witness- state. So please try to make yourself a witness. When you see something, go into thoughtless awareness. That is your fort. Don’t think. See the beauty that is there, just pouring in, just watch how these tree are standing still just watching you all. See, absolutely still, nothing is moving. They don’t even allow one leaf to move……let it be. Till the breeze, till then we just keep quiet and watch. Like these mountains how they are steadily watching everything and emitting joy and beauty. In the same way, we have to become witness. We need not talk too much, we need not keep quiet but in the center we should witness the whole thing as ‘Leela’. That’s why He is called ‘Leeladhara’, means the one who sustains the Leela of persons.

It doesn’t make you mad, it doesn’t make you funny, but it makes you joyous. Anything that makes you joyous is the Vishnu principle of Shri Krishna. I hope all of us are going to enjoy our Vishnu principle hereafter as we have enjoyed before by meditating. Because when we meditate we go into Thoughtless Awareness. When we are in Thoughtless Awareness, then only we grow, otherwise we cannot grow. Whatever we may try we cannot grow. Unless and until we meditate we cannot become Thoughtlessly Aware.

All those who also want to gain in any walk of life, in any dimension, those who want to become, say, great artists, great scientists, great anything have to meditate. In Sahaja Yoga it is important you must meditate, otherwise the kundalini will come down and you will lose all your talents. That is a fact which has to be told and you saw how people have got transformed.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Krishna Puja,
6th August 1988

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