Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forgiveness doesn’t mean suffering

Then we come to the Agnya. In Agnya what has happened is Sahaja Yogis have become such that, they can bear anything. They can suffer anything.

That’s not what we want. What we want is to remove the suffering of others, remove the aggression of others. So we don’t have that kind of organization, we don’t have. That kind of understanding, we don’t have. And if that works out you will be different people.

So we have become like saints, you see, sitting in their hermit halls, something like that, not more than that.

So better try to do something positive, without aggression. I know some of you are still very aggressive, are show-offs I know that. But if you get into the mood of working collectively, then you will realize what mistakes you have. Still, what is lacking in your personality? That is very important.

At Agnya chakra many Sahaja Yogis flatter. I don’t know what happens to them. At Agnya, I have told that you must forgive. But that doesn’t mean that you allow people to do wrong things. Because you want to forgive, its very easy not to fight, not to say anything, just keep out, just forgive, no.

You go and talk to that person and tell him it is wrong. You have to face it. If you cannot face it, then you are useless, just like any other people. What’s the use of you people getting your Realization?

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Adi Shakti Puja
Cabella Ligure, Italy
23rd June 2002
(DCB November – December 2002)

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