Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brother sister relationship

Now, brother sister relationship - the relationship of Vishnumaya is, that Vishnumaya is the one who is the Sister, Sister of Shri Krishna.

She is the one who announced the Coming of Shri Krishna. She is the one who sacrificed her life to save Shri Krishna's life. Vishnumaya is the one which surrounds Shri Krishna; and She was born as Draupadi who, you know, was later humiliated by Duryodhana and it was Shri Krishna who came and helped her.

So it's a very sweet relationship of purity, of help. A very delicate relationship is to be maintained of a brother and a sister. And that is a special relationship. Today, those who want to tie the Rakhis to a sister should tie today before me, it will be a good idea.

It is a greater relationship than any other relationship. Because here somebody is your 'own' sister, is alright. But if she is not your own sister you should know that you all are born of 'One' Mother. So the brother and sister relationship should be alright.

In that also one should not have preferences Because some would like to have a rich sister! Or some sort of a nonsense like that. Or somebody would like to have the most miserable one. This is all but a relationship with a person with whom you would like to be happy, you should tie the Rakhi. And if there is anybody left out, I would say that best thing would be to have your lucky dips. I think for people, something like that could be done so that they choose their sisters and tie the things. Which ever way you like you choose it. But I have got some nice Rakhis for you; that should be done today. And I will be very happy. And then we will do this little havana for the Vishnumaya.

May God Bless you

H.H.Shri Mataji,
London, 11th August 1984
Raksha-Bandhan and Maryada
(DCB November-December 2007)

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