Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Relationship with Children

Now the relationship with children also one should understand. I have seen some people have a habit of getting a child very much closer, and pampering them, "Oh ! this child is this thing", "Oh I that child..."

Let the parents handle the child, 'you' just don't interfere with other's children. Don't interfere much with them. If you find any child is such and such, inform me, I will cure the child. But if a child is being spoilt by you, it's the worst thing to do-to harm that child, is to spoil.

Children here are 'very' clever and intelligent, you must know. They are 'very good' at manipulating. They will, because they are extremely precocious. They are realised souls, they are born in this country. What a combination ! At that time you should be 'very' careful as to their training.

From the first five years all the parents should be 'extremely' strict with children. 'Extremely strict'. Don't allow them to overpower you or manipulate you. It's 'very' important. If you allow them to overpower you or to dominate you, they will sit on your head. Tell them not to do like that. And one day you will come and say "Mother, what to do, these are realised souls and you see we were looking after them.

" They are not deities. They are not deities to be worshipped. They are 'only' realised souls. So keep them at that point. And you are my trustees of these children. And if you spoil them, it is 'you' who will he held responsible. You have no business to spoil the lives of these children as Sahaja Yogis, and their chances of ascent. So if they are born- realised, they are not deities; this you must understand. They are not 'beyond' corruption, they are not beyond all kinds of things.

So this if you understand, this little point, that dealing with your children, you have to be 'really' strict. They must know how to meditate, they must know how to pray, they must know how to respect; and all the good things you must teach your children - and don't allow them to sit on your head.

Many people have ruined the lives of their children like this. Now will you see such child is brought into proper level? If the child is trying to take liberties with you, and cheeky, and does not listen, please give that child to some other Sahaja Yogi, whom you think can look after, to look after - and see that the child is put right.

"Nip in the bud" is the best way, because we don't want to have children who are spoilt, who are spoiling other children, nor we want children who are subjected to such children. So, you can have proper children, well-behaved children, sensible, wise children. Because they can really be a drag on you, on me, on everyone, if you do not properly bring them up. And they are our liabilities, we have to look after them.

H.H.Shri Mataji,
London,11th August 1984
Raksha-Bandhan and Maryada
(DCB November-December 2007)

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