Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Never try to put a wedge between husband and wife

Now the whole idea of this Maryada is such that when you have called somebody as a sister or a brother then it is not only lipservice, "You are my sister".

It is something 'innate', and very deep. You have to develop that feeling of a sister. Because that's how your sublimity will go up, your left- vishuddhi will improve, your Vishnumaya will be satisfied.

If you call somebody a sister, the sisterly and daughterly relationships, and motherly relationships, always bring down the so-called ego, which is hiding in the left vishuddhi. So try to be kind and gentle with the person whom you call the sister. Stand by her. Look after her.

If somebody you call your brother, you have to pray for his protection; then you must know that you have a right to ask him for 'his' protection also. But you must also 'give' something to him, and you must try to look after him, welcome him to your house, and treat him as a part and parcel of your being, because he is 'very much' near to you because he is your brother, and he's very much closer to you.

But such a brother should not try to dominate the wife, - this is the Maryada, again. Like somebody is very friendly with the brother. Or a lady is friendly as a sister, then she should not try to put a wedge between husband and wife. That is the 'worst' thing to do, is to put a wedge between husband and wife. Anybody who tries to do that must know that he is a mean person. One should 'never' try to put a wedge between husband and wife.

I know there are problems between husband and wife, I will put them right. But you don't try to put any wedge between them. And don't try to create a problem. If it is problematic, it is for 'me' to solve, you people don't have to solve. And don't interfere with their married life. Let them be as they are, I will find out how they are, I will try to help them.

But it's 'very' wrong to play with their married life or with their marriage problems, and suddenly jump on somebody, - is a very wrong thing. Which is very common here. A woman is in distress, you see, a man will come to help her. Even if she is married, he will elope with her. This is how he comes to help her in the distress. - To create another distress for her.

So this is how one should understand that this kind of a cheap heart giving business is not for Sahaja Yoga.

In our heart resides the Spirit. We are dignified people, and in that dignity, we have to rise, and live with that dignity. Not to cheaply allow the Spirit to be insulted or dominated or subjugated to 'anyone'.

H.H.Shri Mataji,
London,11th August 1984
Raksha-Bandhan and Maryada
(DCB November-December 2007)

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