Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Beautiful RAKHEES

Many many blessings to all.

I have received the beautiful RAKHEES lovingly sent by you .RAKHEE denotes a protective power. This protective bandhan is very powerful and at the same time delicate as it represents pure love between a brother and a sister.

Whenever a sister ties this RAKHEE on a brother’s hand, it establishes a relation of enduring protection by the brother for the sister. Unfortunately, the sensitivity of human beings to the feelings of love has become so weak that tying a RAKHEE has become a mechanical ritual. In absence of a deep living faith all human actions and rituals become dry and lifeless.

We are born in this life with a purposeful responsibility towards all Sahaj yogis and are all the time aware of their love and devotion. Myself being desireless, I depend entirely on their desires. It is customary for a brother to ask for something from the sister on this day. All sahajayogis should therefore collectively let me know whatever they desire from my side.

I am keeping very good health as this is the pure desire of all of you. I have to undergo a minor surgery for ear which is not a problem, and you need not worry about it nor feel unduly concerned.

RAKHEE bandhan is a very important day and one should desire on this occasion to become a 'whole', you should always have high aspirations and your attention should be to larger perspectives. Sahaj-yogis are not expected to waste their attention in petty small things. We have to work very hard, those of you who have achieved good progress should still work out much more. We should open more centers. We must help the sick to cure their ailments and above all strive to bring people on the path of TRUTH. Please circulate this letter to all the sahaj yogis.

Always remembering you all -NIRMALA

Translation of the original letter written in marathi by MOTHER to all Sahaj yogis on
receiving RAKHEES from them.
(From Nirmala Yoga-7),
17 Aug 1978

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