Monday, August 3, 2009

Ganpati means the one who is the Lord of the Ganas

“Shri Ganesha's blessings are very important for all the people who are specially prone to some sort of a hurdle or “sankata” as they call it. He is called as Sankata Vimochan, the One who takes you out of all the hurdles of life. So many of you have experienced how He has helped you in different troubles and hurdles, and also different type of very, very difficult times. It is His style that He manages things so well, because He’s the Ganapati.

“Ganapati” means the One who is the Lord of the Ganas. As I have told you, ganas exist within us, very nicely settled down as these bodies, small, small bodies who report; if there’s any problem, they report to the brain that there’s a problem. And on the sternum bone is the, is the residence or we can say, is the throne of the Goddess Durga.

So whenever there is any problem we are found into some trouble, sternum bone start vibrating, and these bodies which are ganas get the information. “Antibodies” they are called in the medical terminology. Then these ganas attack. They can target also. They know how to target the trouble and attack it. One may think that only the people who are suffering medically are helped by ganas - is not true.

Also the people who are mentally upset, who are mentally suffering are also helped by the ganas. These ganas are so good at targeting their problems that sometimes one is surprised how things are worked out. For example, say something happens to someone, some child somewhere. Now his parents start crying for Mother, and the Mother is the Durga, say, then what happens that they immediately rush to that place and miraculously they cure the boy, miraculously it is saved.

So many miraculous things that have happened in your lives you cannot explain, but they are all due to this Ganapati's ganas. They are also small like Him, and they are very active and very alert. They never sleep. Any time there is any trouble, these ganas will go and attack the problem and find out solution for it. It is something unbelievable how they act and how they inform”.

Shri Ganesha Puja,
Cabella, Italy,25th September 1999
(DCB March-April 2000)

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