Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mother what do we do to be innocent?

So to be innocent, what will you do? People will say, Mother what do we do to be innocent? Firstly, you can see for yourself how your mind works, what does it do, how it reacts? This is what one has to watch, which I call as introspection.

What sort of plans your mind take to? What does it think is the best? In that thinking, the thought process, what is the most important way to look at yourself. The first and foremost is that you should know how you react. Is it an innocent reaction or it is a vindictive reaction?

It’s very easy to see yourself because now you are all Sahaja Yogis. You can see for yourself how is your reaction to any aggression on you or any kind of a trouble coming on you. How do you react to that? What is your behavior?

If you are a very powerful person then your behavior is that you are not bothered. You see it for yourself that is just a stupid thing people are doing to you, absolutely stupid and when they are doing stupid things, why should we bother about it, why should we our energy about it?

It comes to a point where their stupidity is found out in such a manner that all their lives and afterwards they are treated with contempt. People don’t even want to take their names, they don’t want to have their photographs, they don’t have to have anything to do with them.

At this time, at such a juncture what happens is the people who are crooks who are not innocent, who are against innocence, they start following them because it suits them better, it suits them to be aggressive, to be cunning and that’s how a new group is formed which we can call as satanic group and this satanic group also cannot do anything, anything what so ever to an innocent personality.

There’s a Sanskrit shloka like that “ Nainam Chhidyanti Shastrani”,for sprit- it cannot be killed by anyone “Nainam Dahayati Pavka”- no fire can burn it, “Na Chainam Kleid Yantapo, Na Shoshatey Maruta Maruta” is the air or what you can call, a wind, wind cannot also suck it. It is above all the nature which is trying to destroy.

But you will be amazed that nature understands, I told you nature is innocent. It understands and it acts at the right moment. Again the person who is aggressive, who is trying to malign or trouble innocent person. In this way we should know that we have to worship our innocence.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja ,
Cabella, Italy, 22nd September 2001
(DCB March-April 2002)

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