Friday, August 7, 2009


“So what you have to do is to - not to practice, I say, asceticism but to become an ascetic. Practicing means trouble. But if you just become an ascetic from within, then you don’t bother about these little, little things here and there.

But our style is still molded by outside world. If we haven’t got our own world then we are going as the fashion is. And once you start going with the fashion the wisdom disappears. I never tell anybody that you don’t have this fashion or that fashion or anything.

It’s your wisdom, which will teach you. Wisdom will teach you how to regulate yourself, because you have come here to ascend, to achieve a very special place in the realm of spirituality.

I must stress again on the power of wisdom. Before doing anything you should just appeal to your wisdom and find out if it is wise to be like that. With this practice you will reduce your temper. Absolutely. You will reduce your lust; you will reduce your guilt very much. Because once you start understanding that there is no wisdom in feeling guilty, your guilt will disappear.

Also the worst thing is that we have a great desire to have this, have that, and to indulge into all kinds of greed. This greed becomes zero as soon as you understand wisely that there is no need. Otherwise all the time you will be thinking about yourself, about your health, about your children, about your house, whatever is supposed to be yours.

But the death proves that nothing belongs to you. You have come alone and you have to go alone. This is the wisdom, which is to be imbibed. You cannot practice it. You cannot force it, but it’s to be imbibed through your spirituality.

Then the greatest thing that happens is the joy, joy of the dancing of Shri Ganesha. Like a child you see Him dancing, how joyous He feels and you also feel. In the same way a little child being born within you and you start behaving like a small child. Normally it has no sense of lust, greed, nothing. It knows how to share.

So this is the position, we say, that you become a Gana. The army of Shri Ganesha. They are Ganas. They are very powerful and they do all the work of the world. They live in this world, but all their source of energy is from the Divine. So Shri Ganesha is an Omkara.

He is the first created Deity by the Goddess, because He is auspiciousness. So first auspiciousness is created for our good. We are auspicious because of Shri Ganesha. Some people, if they are in the house, they create problems. They are always creating problems, out of nothing. They are not auspicious people.

Those who are peacemakers, those who are loving, are the ones who are blessed by Shri Ganesha. What is the wisdom in fighting? You should find out what is the wisdom in fighting? Why are you fighting? For what things? For small, small things. Things that you can yourself correct. Why should you fight? If you have a fighting nature that means Ganesha is against you. Your Ganesha is sleeping. That power is not with you. There is no wisdom in it”

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Ganesha Puja
Cabella, Italy, 05th September 1998
(DCB March – April 1999)

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