Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overcoming from Kaliyuga

Now Diwali is very significant because today is the darkest day. Darkest night and longest night, and to end it up they put lights.

Now in the atmosphere its all very dark black, the sun is gone. So they out on all these lights. In the same way it is Kaliyuga.

Now Kaliyuga, even consider as one day it is very dark, horrible, it has lots of problems which made our life miserable and we don’t know how to move with love. At this moment what is necessary is to enlighten oneself. Kaliyuga is at its worst now. The kind of things people are doing even in the name of God is shocking. But that is Kaliyuga, where we have lost all the sense of direction. We don’t know which way we are going.

All kinds of wrong things we are doing and we think its alright. After all what’s wrong in it. Everything you tell them, they say what’s wrong? You tell them don’t do it, they say what’s wrong? That’s how every human being has become very individualistic. In a way he is not, because they allow a fashion, they follow a style.

I mean they are not. They are slavish. But they belive that they are very independent. They are free people. They can do whatever they like. As a result of this freedom, in this Kaliyuga, what has happened with them is that they have become extremely ugly. The kind of things they are doing in Kaliyuga is unbelievable. Even when they are preached, they are in the Church’s, this thing, that thing. They become so horribly immoral that you can not believe how come that be in the name of God, under the roof of God. But it has started, that is Kaliyuga. And this Kaliyuga has to be finished.

So what do we do to remove the darkness of the night, is to put light. In the same way people should be enlightened. There should be light in the hearts of people. Once they are enlightened, this darkness, from which we are suffering because of our ignorance, will be finished and we will have the absolute knowledge.

So this is a new age that we are talking about here, right now here, that it is going to work out in such a manner that there will be all enlightened personalities together and they will know what is right, what is real knowledge, Gyana.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja
7th November 1999, Greece
(DCB May-June 2000)

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