Friday, October 2, 2009

Best thing is to introspect

It is a drama, as I told you, but you better study it properly and apply it to yourself and see if you are also a part-and-parcel of that drama. For that you have to rise higher, you have to rise higher, higher above your ego and your super ego, your conditioning and from there to watch yourself, to see yourself.

What is this?

Why am I doing such and such thing?

Why my attention is like that?

What is the main reason for my own possession, I should say, or for my own misunderstanding?

Why do I accept wrong things?

Once you start seeing that, and if you find even a wee bit of such nonsensical understanding within you then you can forgive also people who have been absolutely brainwashed, absolutely brainwashed and they did everything under that influence. As it is now you have risen much higher than all these people and much more aware than all of them.

So you have to just understand this point and then you can forgive all the mistakes they have committed. And for the people who are actually bad you don’t have to worry, that’s the work of the Divine Power to destroy them. Watch yourself and see for yourself if you have any of such ideas, any lingering either.

Try to cleanse the mirror so that you see your complete image and try, look at, then try to cleanse it. It’s very important that you should cleanse yourself.

There are people who have done lots of wrong things. I simply pity them. They have done wrong things; it is their responsibility to see what they have been doing. Why they have been doing it? What is the need do that? All this introspection will work out so well, then your real power will come, your powers of giving realization, your powers to understand the problems of your country, of the world.

And once you feel that you are the soldier to fight it out, you have the responsibility to fight it out, then things will work out. You cannot leave everything to Divine Power. You have to use the Divine Power and you have to work it out because you are the soldier of Divine. Off-course, with that beautiful idea you start cleansing yourself.

You need not know everything as to what things are happening and how they are happening, how they are working. That’s not your work. You are a soldier, so you have to just fight, fight the ignorance, your own and of others because soldiers fail when they have their ego.

When they fail they have other obstacles in their minds. There should be no obstacle but you should just push forward and know that there is no obstacle at all. It’s just a myth that there are some obstacles and that you can overcome.

It’s not easy to raise the awareness of people because it looks there’s a very little distance of crossing over but it’s not so. It is a very difficult task sometimes for some people to get out of the bandhans of Agnya. At that point, I find, some of you fail and for that the best thing is to introspect. When you think you are always correct and you are alright, the best is to introspect.

Am I doing everything right or not?

How am I working for my betterment?

The illusion is such that sometimes you think you are doing well. Say, in Sahaja Yoga some people are very forward type; they will come forward, they will do this, do that, but inside what is the purpose? The purpose is that people should see that you are doing this work, that work. The purpose should be that you should be able to see yourself within. You must see what is the problem inside and you will very well understand that you have been of great help to yourself and to others.

H.H. Shri Mataji

Diwali Puja
Los Angles, November 18, 2001,
(DCB May-June 2002)

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GoaYuvaShakti said...

A beautiful talk!!!
So be grounded always.

ThankYou Devine Mother.

Our Divine Mother..!