Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Powerful has to be humble and nonviolent

Anybody who is powerful has to be humble and nonviolent.

Mahatma Gandhi used to say, that what is the nonviolence of the weak. A weak has to be nonviolence. What is so great! That’s a policy or a kind of a protection that he has. So a weak person has to be nonviolent because he cannot face, he cannot protest.

But nonviolence of the powerful is the sign of the real nonviolence. Those who are powerful, if they are nonviolent, that means they are quite confident of their powers. Those people who are confident of their powers, why should do they agrees others? They just stand. Alright, come along, what do you want? Even saying that people ran away.

So, those who are violent, angry, hot tempered, jump at everyone, torture everyone trouble everyone are the people who are very weak-charactered. Their character is weak. If their character was alright then they would not have done all these things.

That’s the sign of a person who is either possessed and under the influence of possession is doing that he is too weak and he is possessed by his anger because he doesn’t have that much power to bear anything.

The most powerful thing is the mother earth because she has the power to bear. The one who has the power to bear is the powerful. The one who does not have any power to bear. I can’t bear, I don’t like this. Such a person is useless thing for this earth and sometimes I feel why God created them. It’s a headache to have a person around. I can’t eat this, I don’t like this. Then why are you here? Nobody likes you either. No one likes such a person and that’s why that person is always I don’t like this, I don’t like that.

So, the power of a person lies in bearing things. How much you can bear! How much you can undergo? Without feeling it like you are, say, in a jungle you are happy, if you are in a palace you are happy. If you are with this color or that color, if you are with this race or that race, if you are with this kind of life or that kind of life, you can bear it, and that bearing power gives you the caliber, the Caliber to have Sahaja Yoga. It’s not that this is shown, its not that this is being suffered, don’t have to say I suffer being like this. No, you don’t suffer. Its just by the way.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Ram Puja
Switzerland 4th October 1987
(DCB Jan-Feb2000)

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