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Message of Sita’s life

Another incident is that when Sita was lost. He never slept, he never slept on a bed, always on the mother earth. The pain he had of his wife is very well described by all the poets of India and when Sita left him ultimately, in a very mysterious way, she just disappeared in the mother earth because mother earth had given her the birth.

So she disappeared into mother earth. Then Shri Rama became absolutely lost and he jumped in the river Saryu and disappeared in the water element from where he had come.

Now this man had to give up his wife. In this contrast you can see the wave rising and falling of a personality. The society in which he lived, the state in which he ruled had an objection for a wife who had lived with Ravana and the public started talking about it.

So, as a good king he just decided that his wife should be left forever. And then he sent her on a beautiful Chariot, with his Prime Minister and his brother, Lakshmana who took her down and left her, told her this is what has happened and that Shri Rama had ask her to take her down to the ashram of Valmiki. As a result of that she got very upset and she said, She was Adishakti so she does not have to bother, She said, you just leave me here, very self respecting person.

She didn’t say no-no-no. I will come to him, or I will sue him, I will go in the courts, get all his money, how dare he throw me out, nothing of the kind. That is the grace of a woman. Graciously she said, alright, now you have listened to you brother, I am your sister-in-law, elder to you. Now you obey me and I tell you as your sister-in-law that you can now go. Leave me here alone and I don’t want you to go any further with me to deport me with somebody, and she was pregnant.

Here if it happens, of course, horrible things can happen. But in India if such a thing happens, the wife will kill herself or she would not be able to bear it. I think both things are just the same in escape. If there is no aggression then there is recession. But, she said, “No, I have to give birth to these two children. I can look after myself.” Alright graciously it is done. I am nothing please tell him not to worry about me and she told Shri Lakshmana that alright you look after him and that’s all I want and she told the Chief Minister the Mantri, that you must look after the kingdom.

See the dignity, see the balance, see the character, the personality of Shri Rama. He was called as Maryada Purushotama and look at his wife. She was equal to him in every way.

When she was kept by Ravana, Ravana was so frightened of her shakti that he would not touch her. He used to frighten her saying that I will do this to the women of India. I will do this to the women of world, I will do that kind of a horrible things, I will take another birth, I will misbehave. She said, do what you like. You can’t touch me. He could not touch her hand. He was so frightened.

And when Hanumana brought the ring of Shri Rama and presented to her and said that this is the ring of Shri Rama. She said yes, I know, how is he? He said, he is alright. All enquiry she had about herself. So he said, Mother, I can take you on my back. I can easily take you, you can come on my back and I will take you. She said, no, I won’t go with you. It’s Shri Rama who is a brave king. He should come himself, fight this Ravana, kill him because he is evil and then I will go with him, with all the glory.

She was not frightened of anything. For her the important thing was that Ravana should be killed. He is evil and should be killed by Rama. Such a great courage for a woman. Both sides if you see, you will be surprised that how a woman’s character is such a powerful thing. Its not a reactionary thing, my husband is like this, that’s why I am like that or my husband doesn’t do this for me, that’s why I am this. My husband has gone away, so I am finished. What am I to do without my husband? Nothing of the kind.

She stands on her feet. She said no, to Hanumana and she stands on her feet and she says when Shri Rama will come, and kill this evil and remove this evil from this earth, then only he can take me with him. I won’t go with you. I won’t escape him. I won’t run away. Nothing I am going to face it myself here.

For a woman it is too much to say to be imprisoned in a horrible person’s jail or in a place which is so dangerous for her. To say that I won’t go whatever you may try, whatever tricks you may try, whatever you may say. I won’t go. Just imagine. And Ravana was such a horrid fellow. He did all kinds of things to her. But she kept absolutely calm and quite waiting for her husband to come. Can we think of such women in modern times!! So satisfied with themselves. So much in balance. So much full of confidence and strength.

This is the message of Sita’s life.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Ram Puja
Switzerland 4th October 1987
(DCB Jan-Feb2000)

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