Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shri Krishna leelas

I’ll tell you, how sweet he was like this. You see once Indra got angry with Him, and he started raining very heavily. So all the people, who were looking after, the cowherds called Gopas and Gopis, they were all getting drenched, and so He said:

“Don’t you worry”, and He lifted the Govardhan on His one finger, the whole Govardhan mountain He lifted on His one finger and they all came under the shelter of that mountain. So then He said to the Gopas, “Now my finger is paining, you better support it with your sticks that you have in your hand, otherwise My finger is paining.” This is the sweetness.

Like once, I mean, once He ate, I mean He really was a thief, a little thief, and fond of butter. So the butter of the house was kept in a little pot, and was hanging up, kept hanging there, so that no cat can reach it and all that, with a kind of thing we have a string thing to keep that pot.

So He collected all the children, and took out all the butter and ate it and the whole face was filled with butter, you se. so His mother came, and she took one stick, and she said, “Now you have eaten all the butter.” So He says, “I never ate any.” His whole face was filled with it. “And these boys must have put something on My mouth, because they have eaten everything.”

So then says, “let us see now, the whole day I work for your cows, and when I come home, you just trouble me like this.” And then He says, “ Now, I am your foster son that is why you are troubling Me like this,” And she starts looking at Him, and then He puts His hands towards her, little hands, and He said, “ But I have kept some for you in My hand, though they have eaten everything.” And puts it in her mouth, so that all her temper goes away, and she just embraces Him to His heart. And that’s how the whole thing ends up into a sweet drama.

When Krishna is awakened within us, we also can do all such dramas with each other, and enjoy the frolics. Then we don’t loose tempers, we don’t get angry, we enjoy each other’s personality very much.

H.H.Shri Mataji

Vienna Ashram , 2nd May 1985

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