Saturday, August 1, 2009

Relationship with Sahaja Yoga

Now your relationship to Sahaja Yoga is also very important. There's a Maryada about it very much. Sahaja yoga should not be taken for granted.

Anybody who thinks he has got realisation and now he is sitting on top of the world - is not so. You must work it out, you have to have discipline. The same gentleman - the BBC fellow - was saying that it was before, for years together you had to live in celibacy and wash - and sweep steps of the temple and do all kinds of things, work hard, do this do that, - and then they would raise it to one chakra.

I said, "Now we do it the other way round". First build the dome, and then the foundation. Sahaja Yoga is like that. So that, with the dome you understand you are protected, you are looked after. But people take for granted. Like : "Mother will do it." "Leave it to Mother." No.

It is not so. You are my hands. Now, supposing, my hands have to lift this, I should say that "Nirmala will do it." Now which is Nirmala ? - These hands are the Nirmala at this point!

So, many people drift like that, so to Sahaja Yoga also your attitude should be of respect. You should not try to put yourself into bandhan before others, you should not try to do these things, but in a dignified way you should respect Sahaja Yoga. And 'foremost' of all, to Sahaja Yoga your relationship should be that you should 'know' "Sahaja Yoga" what it is."

H.H.Shri Mataji,
London,11th August 1984
Raksha-Bandhan and Maryada
(DCB November-December 2007)

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