Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yoga is the union of our attention with the Divine

Today is a great day for all of us to be jubilant that the Primordial Being himself incarnated on this earth as Shri Krishna. So many aspects of his being have been described in so many of my lectures to you all; but the greatest and greatest of all the aspects of this Primordial Being was that he was the Yogeshwara. He was the God of Yoga - Yogeshwara. He was the Lord of our Union with the Divine.

Without his permission and without his sanction we cannot be Sahaja Yogis. He was Yogeshwara and a real yogi is a person who gets this Yogeshwara awakened within him. The word Yoga, that we understand, is the union of our attention with the Divine. But still we do not realize the implications - what does it mean? What should happen to us? Of course you get powers.

As soon as you become the spirit you get powers. One of the powers you get is of collective consciousness - that is also the gift of Shri Krishna - and that you start feeling the collectivity. Your ego and superego is sucked in, so you get rid of your karmas and your conditionings and a new sprouting of the new life of the new age starts. But still what is the speciality, the greatness of Yogeshwara? Because he is Ishwara for you. He is the Ishwara of all the Yogis and what is his capacity, what is his nature? That for him everything is a play - Leela.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Shri Krishna Puja,
15th August 1982, London

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