Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three Paths

So we have three paths, as you know, in Sahaja Yoga.

The one is of Bhakti. Bhakti is where you sing the praise of God, have devotion, do all kinds of rituals, everything, and you think that you are very close to God.

This is one, which is being accepted by many, many people and by many so-called religions, that we must have complete dedication for God. How can you – you are not yet connected to God. How are you doing? How can you have any dedication to God, with whom you are not at all connected?

The second one was the Karma, that you do your work. You go on doing your work with a detached mind. I mean it’s not possible, but that’s what they say and we are doing our Karmas, good Karmas, we do all kinds of good things, go to various places for our cleansing, meet many great people of spirituality, go to all various places and pray. Visit all auspicious places which are being described. All kinds of rituals, we do for that.

That is the karma yoga. And that is what the karma yoga, according to us, is the right side.

Many people, as you know, are right-sided. Right-sided people are the people who are, as you know, full of ego, arrogance and think no end of themselves- very difficult to correct them. They also never see anything wrong with them. Whichever way they act, they think is all right.

That is the karma yoga, but He has said that whatever karmas you do, whatever its fruits are, that you cannot say. He said it in a very uncertain manner because definitely, if He had said it with certainty, people would never have understood Him. So He said it is not possible that whatever karmas you are doing could be the karmas which will get you the blessing of the Divine…..

‘Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadachana’ , He has said it.

So then, which karmas we should do? Or should we give up all karmas? All the action, we should give up?

People were in two minds. This is the style of Shri Krishna, is to put people in two minds so they use their discretion.

And the 3rd one is the discretion. Which you call as the Gyanmarga. It’s the central path by which you evolve. You evolve into a new state. Into a new state of your mind, a new state of your being by which you become absolutely above every nonsense. Also you are endowed with power to fight whatever is bad, whatever is corrupting, whatever is killing this world. At that stage you are equipped with the divine power that you can finish off anything that is negative around you.

H.H. Shri Mataji
Shri Krishna Puja
Canajoharie, New York, USA, 29th July 2001
(DCB January-February 2002)

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