Saturday, August 15, 2009

Freedom and Liberation

The words get lost.. they have no meaning.. so many of you are aspiring to ascend to that state where you would have complete joy, bliss and peace.

In this country we had a struggle of freedom. I was part and parcel of that. My parents were part and parcel of that. We were rich people.. quite rich, I should say from every standard. You will be amazed, my father burnt all his suits.. they were stitched in England. My mother burnt all her saris.. They used to spin their own clothes and wear them. I had only one coat throughout my education. When I was in Lahore it was terribly cold sometimes can be like London.

But we never gushed, never grumbled and never said that "our father should have looked after us and done something. Why did he sacrifice for the country..?" never.. never.. never.. That quality was created, I should say by Mahatma Gandhi.

He made everybody so transformed into a new personality. All the money that we had, everything that we had, all conveniences, all housing, everything was given up. Not only by my father but so many of them. Otherwise we could not have got our freedom. To get our freedom this country has sacrificed so much.

I must say Gandhiji had a special charm. I don’t know how he managed. He was like touch of Midas... touched anybody he became transformed. And he was an extremely strict man.. very kind to me.. to children.. but he was extreme extremely strict man.. he would not tolerate any non-sense at all.

Throughout if you study the play, all these people were brought up not only for freedom or for independence but even before that, for spiritual life, anywhere - there is one thing very common is - sacrifice.. and the consciousness that you are doing something great.. the consciousness that you are the part and parcel of the whole!

I have seen it with my own eyes.. such people, in this country, whom you may call legendary but I have seen it. Thousands of people were killed and butchered, children died but nobody shared tears….

Now after that we are here to get our freedom.. to get the freedom for our spirit.. to make our spirit free from our greed, lust.. from our anger.. from our conditionings.. from our terrible ego."

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Freedom and Liberation

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