Saturday, August 15, 2009


This is the last song, which is every great song of olden days. Last time I told a story of my father. He was a great patriot. He carried our tricolor flag on top of the high court.

He climbed up and they shot at him. He got a shot, here in the head. He was bleeding, bleeding, still he went up, put the flag there and saw that it is already flying. Only then he came down and told us to sing the song.

We were all dancing down below. You sing the song of Vande-Matram that means we salute to you, ‘ O Mother.’

Now you see our country is going through some stupid movement that they said that you should not sing this song. We fought the whole of this war of independence singing this song; and those who are saying that, I ask them.

‘How many of you have worked for Independence?

What have you contributed for getting independence?

What is your right to say that you will not have this song?

This song is a song which suggests the beauty of Mother land, the nature of our Mother land. This song was always used as a National Anthem.

Somehow, some new people have come and they say it is in Sanskrit language. It is not. It is not completely in Sanskrit language. I mean I really some time feel like crying, even I remember those days when we were facing the British with their guns on us and singing song.

Today these people, from somewhere they have arisen and trying to say that we should not have this song at all. This is what happens in Kaliyuga. They forget all that has happened before. So I hope you now stand up for this song
‘National Anthem’.

Thank You.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Delhi 19th March 1999
(DCB May-June 1999)

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