Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wisdom gives complete peace

Now to develop this wisdom what have we to do? So every time they will come and say, Mother how do we get wisdom? What is the way to get the wisdom?

Wisdom you have already within you. Shri Ganesha is already there who gives you the wisdom, but you must take to Shri Ganesha. There are people who become so much addicted to Shri Ganesha that they lose his identity completely. They become very slavish about the whole thing and they just believe that they are very spiritual, they are very great. All these false ideas are no good. Does your Ganesha give you wisdom?

Now you must count how many wise things have you done so far, where did you take a very wise decision? Have you been wise to do something or you have been just doing it because you are identified with a particular type of life or a particular type of answer?

So wisdom is a thing that gives you first of all complete peace. If your wisdom is developed then you become very peaceful, because whatever people may say, whatever they may do, whatever aggression they may do, whatever it is, you are peaceful, and you see the stupidity of other persons, of other nations and you understand why they are doing.

This wisdom is such an important thing in human beings because animals do not have so much wisdom as we have. Sometimes, of course, we have even less than animals but still by experience, you see, we have to learn that we have been making mistakes. So many mistakes we have committed so far. Now are we going to commit more mistakes?

Wisdom is not apparent outside. You cannot say somebody is wise while looking at that person. But in vibrations you will know that person is extremely wise. He may speak, he may not speak. If he speaks he will speak about something so deep, so wise and so nice without hurting others.

This kind of temperament if you develop is to become wise for every question.

For example some are very attached to their children. So much attached that they forget that they are part and parcel of this Divine force and they just doing all kinds of things. The other day I met one lady whose son was very sick. She took him to the hospital and doctors gave him all kinds of medicines and he became even worse. Then she telephoned to Me, Mother I do not know what happened? I went to the doctor and the doctor gave him this and that treatment and the child has become worse. But why did not you ask me before? Why did you go to the hospital first?

Lack of wisdom. I am there. Why don’t you ask me?

H.H.Shri Mataji
Navaratri Puja,
Cabella 27th September 1998
(DCB May- June 1999)

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