Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vibrations can be misleading

The knowledge as I told you, pure knowledge is that which gives you a pure light. Pure light means pure vibrations.

Now vibrations can be misleading as I told you, or could be the quantity of vibrations can be less or more. There is another way.

It is to see for yourself why do you want to do a particular thing? Mentally also you can use parameter of mental understanding.

Why do I want to do it?
What is the gain for all the people?

If you start thinking from that angle, what is the gain for others, what will they gain by this, why should I do it, you will be amazed, you will get the real picture of what you are doing.

So you must keep yourself all the time in a state where you witness yourself, you see yourself that why I am doing this. What is the purpose? Sometimes could be some conditioning, could be some sort of psychological thing, could be anything. But if you start watching carefully, why I am doing it, you will be amazed that your vibration itself will start telling you on your finger tips.

But sometimes, the vibrations are so superficially coming, Ah, I got the vibrations, I am this, I am that! What is the reason, why I am saying again and again though you are such a nice family of mine and you are also much blessed and we have so much of knowledge with us? We should be very wise. If there is no wisdom, we can never understand what we are doing.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Navaratri Puja,
Cabella 27th September 1998
(DCB May- June 1999)

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