Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never to be dishonest

Today so many of you have gathered here. I never had seen so many in Delhi before. Thus, every one of you should decide today in your mind that we will not tolerate any dishonest person at all.

And that is the reason why all the rakshasas also take their birth- because they believe something or other is there within us, which will compel us to accept them. Indians should never accept them. And besides, those who are realized souls, especially they should never.

There is a great infamy on our country everywhere. But this is not true. There are many people in India who are honest-very honest. But that is not true. Nevertheless, I have seen certain things. There will be differences amongst each other-“This land is mine and that land is yours.” Well whatever is yours is yours. It is swarajya- that is, the rajya of the swa. You will have the kingdom of your Self. It can happen only when you really become swatantra in the true sense. There is no need to be afraid of any one. There is no need to tell anything to anyone.

I am surprised to see so many people. I had never seen so many people in Delhi before. Thus, I have only one request to you and that is today, on this occasion of a very auspicious day, decide that we shall never commit dishonesty even if we have to die. Our country has deteriorated a lot in the last ten years. You are Sahaja Yogis in so many numbers. Who are all afraid of?

What is the reason behind getting scared? God is there to support everyone from behind. Just imagine, as soon as the Sufis realized that God was behind them, they got rid of all those unwanted things that were around them- not all, but a few of them. Similarly, you should all follow them.

In My opinion, the only message for today is that now you are neither a cheat yourself, nor going to support any cheat. But I read in the newspapers the differences are over other types of issues. The differences are over the caste and creed. Well Mister, are you here for protecting the country or to sink it deep down? You have a great responsibility on you. You are born in the Kali Yuga. That is why this Kali Yuga is to be transformed and you are all realized in the thousands. Nowhere else on Earth have so many people been realized. That is why time and again I shall be repeating to you to stand on truth. I am with you. And God is also with you.

So I have a request to you all today to assert within yourself that we shall not encourage or allow any offences like cheating or stealing to happen. Wherever we come to know of it, we will fight it out. But I wonder whether the people have been intoxicated under the influence of alcohol or what? After all, what did you receive from this light? Courage- fight with more courage. Whatever things that are wrong with this country should be forsaken. It has earned a very bad reputation.

There are many more issues, but the most important one is that there is no honesty at all, so how God is going to help you out? To get money is no kind of support from God, but to be established in dharma is. And that is what you have got. There aren’t as many people who are Sahaja Yogis here, anywhere else in the world. And Sahaja Yogis are never involved in such activities too. But I am telling you all this because the atmosphere here is bad and we have earned such a bad name all over.

You have everything with you. You have food to eat and drink, clothes to wear. What else do you need? You enjoy movies, you enjoy that, you do have that much money. But first of all, the disease for the money should be got rid of.

I have full faith in you that you will carefully listen to My lecture of today. And let us swear from today itself that we shall not commit dishonesty at all, but will also oppose those who commit dishonesty. The most important message that is to be understood is our country needs honesty today. Nothing is more important than that. Your Mother stands for honesty.

So what if you have only one shirt instead of ten? Convey these things similarly to the women also. It will work out. It will happen.

Today’s speech is a little bit different. It is unique. And you all have liked it. It was very kind of you.

Well then, thank you.

H.H.Shri Mataji
Diwali Puja, Delhi
10th November 2007
DCB July-August 2008

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