Monday, November 30, 2009


The Tao is most akin to water, since water has quality of being able to take the form of any vessel which contains it. Hence it is the most flexible and spontaneous.

The Tao is female in nature and is described as the Mother of all things. It is obliviously the Kundalini Herself.

“The spirit of the valley never dies. This is called the mysterious female. The gateway of the mysterious female is called the root of Heaven and Earth. Dimly visible it seems as it were there yet use will never train it.”

From Lao Tze’s teaching we learn that a Guru’s purpose is to spread the light of the Divine by becoming a channel that enlightens seekers and takes them to higher levels. Lao Tze was the embodiment of the Guru that expresses the Divine. This is not only seen through His teachings but also in his life. He could only see one thing: Tao or God as the absolute. There was no compromise. He was pure in attention.

A Guru teaches by having tremendous compassion. Lao Tze could love any seeker because He could recognize the divine in them. It was that which he loved and it was that to which He directed His teaching.

A guru teaches that which is pure. Purity enables us to see through the illusion of the Divine and there we find
detachment in joy,
contentment in love
and absoluteness in the Spirit.

When one becomes the Guru, one is absorbed in the ocean of the Divine. We are soothed, we find nothing matters, we know it is going to be all right because we become purity.

“The world had a beginning
And this beginning could be the Mother
Of the world,
When you know the Mother
Go on to Know the Child
Go back to holding fast to the Mother,
And to the end of your days
You will not meet with danger.”

(DCB January- February 2005)

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