Monday, November 30, 2009


Ideas of good and evil, Heaven and Hell, angels and devils, are inherent. Everything was harmonious in the universe until the angel Ahriman rebelled and was driven from Heaven. Hence the fight between good and evil will endure until the judgment Day.

Then the World will renewed and evil will pass away. The pure soul will attain the realization of the kingdom of Heaven.

“The soul which is afraid to fight against evil has failed to carry out its Divine mission and has wasted its life during its sojourn in this world.”

“On the day of Resurrection you shall be answerable to Ahura Mazda for your thoughts, words and deeds in this world.”

The Avesta tells us that the highest aim of our lives is to attain perfect happiness (joy). The means of doing this is to know God’s Will and to act in harmony with it. “Let the joy of living fill your heart to overflowing.”

Chastity is one of the chief virtues of Zoroastrianism. Marriage is one of the most inviolable contracts and children are a blessing. Women are the sustaining powers of marriage and mankind. “A chaste woman is the noblest creation of Ahura Mazda.”

“Woman is the marvel of creation. Unrivaled and unequalled in form and beauty is she in the seven realms. She is the blooming flower in the garden of life that breathes perfume all around.”

“Woman is the teacher of gentility to man. She helps man grow in moral height. She is the sustaining power of the Life of man.”

(DCB January- February 2005)

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