Monday, November 30, 2009


Socrates guided his pupils to the truth by considering ideas in their various aspects until the right answer was established. He brought forward the Theory of Forms: “as above, so below.”

The unseen Realm of Forms is the Divine and heavenly strata of the Virata which contains the blueprint for all the earthly replicas. Everything on the earthly plane of existence is merely an imperfect reflection which is subject to changes and human imperfection, while that which exists in the absolute is divine, perfect eternal and unchanging.

The soul originates in the realm of forms and through seeking and aspiration eventually returns to it. This is the point in our spiritual evolution which we are now working towards in Sahaja Yoga- by putting our vibrations we enter the kingdom of God.

“He who enters the next world unanimated and unenlightened shall be in the mire but he who arrives the purified and enlightened shall dwell among the Gods.”

(DCB January- February 2005)

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