Monday, November 30, 2009


Shri Mohammad spoke extensively about the Day of Judgment, promising Paradise to those who followed a righteous life as explained in the Koran and Hell for those who turned against God and his Messengers.

Speaking of the Day of Judgment in Sura XXIV He says:

“24. On the Day when their tongues,
Their hands, and their feet
Will bear witness against them
As to their actions.

25. On that Day God
Will pay them back
(All) their just dues,
And they will realize
That God is
The (Very) Truth
That makes all things manifest.”

And in Sura XXXVI :
“65. That Day shall we set
A seal on their mouths
But their hands will speak
To us, and their feet
Bear witness, to all
That they did.”

From Sura VII :
“57. It is he who sendeth
The winds like heralds
Of glad tidings, going before
His mercy: when they have
Carried the heavy Laden
Clouds, we drive them
To a land that is dead,
Make rain to descend thereon
And produce every kind
Of harvest therewith: thus
Shall we raise up the dead:
Perchance ye may remember.

“58 . From the land that is clean
And good, by the will
Of its Cherisher, springs up
Produce (rich) after its kind:
But from the land that is
Bad, Springs up nothing
But that which is niggardly:
Thus do we explain the Signs
By various (symbols) to those
Who are grateful.”

(DCB January- February 2005)

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