Friday, January 8, 2010

Be careful sun may scorch with its heat

Today is a day for us to celebrate in India very much, because the Sun moves down to Capricorn and from Capricorn it then comes to Tropic of Cancer. When the Sun comes back to this Earth, then all the creativity of the Mother Earth starts acting and She creates such beautiful things like flowers, nice nourishing things and fulfilling things like fruits. She makes our eyes cool down with the greenery She has and the way She blesses us is manifold with the advent of the sun.

In the same way, now that the Sun of Sahaja Yoga has risen and is coming to the zenith and it has definitely shown you the result on the Earth principle that is your Mooladhara and your creative power of that Mooladhara which is the Kundalini, has been rising and rising and rising and opening your being and showing the results in your lives which has made your lives very beautiful. It has made your life very joyous and very happy.

Now we are at a point where we have to trigger a new jump, a new flight. And for this flight, we have to see that we really become very light in our ideas, thoughts and conditionings. You are so much full of conditionings. All types of conditionings are on us. They are so deep that sometimes I fail to understand human beings.

I just don’t understand how we get stuck to things which are of no value, which are of no sense, and they get lost. In this higher jump, which you are going to take, many will left behind as a result, those who will not be able to come out of that. So at this stage, I have to request you that you should really fully dedicate yourself to meditation, and surrender yourself to collectivity. Everyday, you must think in evening what have I done for Sahaja Yoga? What have I done for myself?

Please try to understand that there’s a very big jump you have to take. It has to be triggered and for that I would like you to be ready. To be absolutely prepared because in this jump you might be lost, and many might be left behind because they could not get over their conditionings.

The conditionings are of various types- of ignorance, blind faith and all other things that we have gone through. Also we have conditionings of our country, of our race, of our styles and so many other things by which we judge others. But we have to judge ourselves, that are we in a Sahaja culture or not?

If you are not in Sahaja Culture than it’s going to be very difficult that you board the ship which is going to take us off. I have to just warn you that later on you should not say that Mother so many were left behind! If you find anybody left behind, please try to help that person. Please try to correct that person and with clear idea and clear voice and clear cut instructions.

If you really find that somebody is going wrong, you better warn him. I’m telling you all today because you will be departing. You have to tell your fellow men that this is a very crucial time and none of us should just take for granted Sahaja Yoga.

All other things are just a kind of an illusion that you feel that your worldly things are alright, and worldly things you can manage; God doesn’t care for people who are rich and well-off or people who are poor. What He sees is what richness you have got of spirituality. He doesn’t bother about your education, of your degrees, of pompousness etc.

What He sees is how innocent you are. How much you have worked for Sahaja Yoga? What you have done for God’s work? So all these priorities have to be changed, and one must understand that Sahaja Yoga judges you on a very subtle level. So in this last judgment now as you people have been judged as good people. But still for the second jump that you are going to have, we have to be very careful that, may be, some of you who think you are Sahaja Yogis in your heart but are not may be left behind in this big jump we are going to take.

So it is important that the Sun has risen and now gone to the zenith, and at the time of its zenith, one has to be careful because the same sun which has started making this beautiful greenery all round us may scorch with its heat. So be careful, and one has to be aware and all the time under the guidance of Sahaja Yoga to understand what is wrong with us, what is making us so heavy, what is making us so difficult?

H.H. Shri Mataji
Sankranti Puja, Kalwe, 14th January 1990
( DCB May- June 2002 )

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